Partners Of Sexual Addiction - Providing Support in the Aftermath of Discovery...

Nothing can quite describe the devastation that discovering you are the partner of a sex or porn addict brings. Initially you might have discovered that your partner has had an affair or you discover porn on the computer.  You may have found a message or hook-up app on their phone – then the enormity of a reality you were completely unaware of explodes or slowly unravels and the shock sets in. For some partners discovery comes when the addicted person is arrested or loses their job.  Perhaps you have discovered that your finances aren’t as they should be. The bottom has dropped out of your world and nothing seems safe or known any more.

We know that when the secret world of the sex/porn addict is revealed, the experience of their partner is often ignored or neglected.  How do you know where to turn to for help?  We are here to offer you information, support and hope.


Reaching Out

You may feel very alone right now. We are happy to schedule in a brief call (at no cost to you) to discuss your immediate needs.


2-Day Course

Our 2-Day course takes you through themed sessions, offering resources and allowing for participants stories to be heard.



During the 2-Day course participants will have the opportunity to form a supportive community.  Sharing vulnerability helps us to form bonds and feel connected rather than isolated.


Personal Support

Whether you decide to undertake the 2-Day course or not, you may feel you would value more personal therapeutic support.  We can help you work out what kind of support suits your needs right now.

Our Hope For You..... that we can help you move from

  • Silence to Expression
  • Isolation to Support
  • Shame to Self-Acceptance

"I went into shock when I discovered my husband had a completely secret life. I worried that I wasn't good enough for him"

"All of a sudden my life was like a car crash. I had no idea what to do or who to turn to....."

"It's like all the sound is too loud and the colours are too bright. I struggle to go out of the house but even that doesn't feel safe any more"

To Find Out More -

If you would like to discuss what your next steps might be please get in touch.