Communication is so important in all aspects of our lives, whether it is with people you know well, colleagues at work or people you just acknowledge.
Communication can be verbal, a touch, a nod, a facial expression/smile or through your body language.

These days communication has to compete with the computer, the iPad, head phones or phone. They all have their uses but are causing difficulties with a lack of communication and coming between relationships/families.

How many people sit at the table or on the sofa and look at their phone whilst with someone else? That other person may also be on another device. There is little or no communication.

Think about your partner or significant others and become aware of communication and how much time you use technology. Make time to sit and listen to each other and talk. Missed communication happens a lot. So many people only hear what they want to hear or interpret what they have heard and it is not what the person said. Check with the person “Is this what you meant?”. It will stop misunderstandings and arguments.

Don’t take your technology into your bedroom as it can stimulate the mind, stop you from sleeping and, again, stops communication and intimacy.
Have technology free evenings or switch off at an agreed time.

Does your body language or non-verbal communication conflict with what you mean or is that how you really feel? Become aware of the tone and loudness. Talking in a lower pitch can stop voices being raised to shouting.

Start to notice what is happening for you – how are you communicating? What types of communication are you using with different people you meet throughout the day?

– by Sara Briner

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