Mindfulness – A Deeper Connection With Yourself

Many of you will have heard the word “Mindfulness”, but not many people make the time to practise this. I have heard people say you need a lot of time, some meditations can take a few minutes a day.

At times things may feel too much, you’re carrying a secret, there are lots of emotions and your thoughts start to spiral into negativity. Mindfulness can help you to connect with the here and now and allow you time to clear your mind.

This exercise can be done daily and takes a few minutes:

Sitting in a chair or standing, inside or out:

Take some deep breaths in through your nose out through your mouth. Notice your belly rising and lowering. Relax your body and continue breathing. Look around and notice:

  • Three things you can see (that you have not noticed before).
  • Three things you can touch.
  • Three things you can hear.

Make sure the body is relaxed and you are breathing more deeply.  Try and set aside a time each day, either a regular time by setting a timer on your phone or whilst you are boiling the kettle and just notice.

The more you make the time the more it will become part of your day.

- by Sara Briner

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