Patterns & Cycles

Cycles/patterns are very common in individuals, relationships and in families, it could be as simple as how you do something (at home in a certain order) to something that leads to anger.

In counselling we often look for patterns/cycles as this helps us to understand, explain what is happening and explore ways to break them.  People often know the consequences but do not recognise the triggers (things that push people’s buttons).  Or, they may recognise the triggers but do not know how to break the cycle.  Once you start to break it down (it is like uncoiling a spring) and understand what’s happening, you can start to put things in place to change the behaviour and break the pattern/cycle.

It can be hard to break them, whether they have been happening for a short time or a life time.  Changes are possible - you need to be consistent.

There is a lot information on the internet and in books about cycles and patterns.  Introducing mindfulness and doing physical exercise can help as well as behavioural changes.

- by Sara Briner

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