Writing A Journal

As a group of tutors, we support the widely held view that writing things down can be a positive way to support yourself in discovering your partner has a sexual addiction. On the course we will discuss why, what and how to do this in more detail. However, we wanted to include some of the thoughts about the benefits here in case the course is not right for you.

To provide a space for you to express your thoughts, feelings, sensations and experiences.
To gets bits out of you onto paper so you can stand back and look at them.
It is a great way to let go and express emotion, without facing others’ reactions.
To help put some distance and stop thoughts going around and around in your head.
To help you notice themes when you re read back over your writing.
To help you to gain insight, make links or notice your own growing awareness.
To help you spot any thought errors that you are considering.
It is a space to say things, as a step towards saying things aloud if you choose this.
It provides you with more clarity about important areas to share with others.
It gives you a way to go back and look again at your previous thoughts, feelings and sensations and return to reconsider.
Writing can help you look back, but it can also include dreams and hopes for the future. It can also offer the flexibility to help you consider right now, this moment. We offer a word of caution, if you do decide this might be useful for you, you also need to take care to consider the risks and your writing being protected from other people reading it.

- by Sally Openshaw

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